9th August 2021

Fiona and I sadly wish to announce the retirement of GYMINI.

We have had an incredible business since our start in 2000 and also had amazing support from coaches, parents, teachers and of course out GYMINI children.

We would like to thank all those involved.    However,  it's now time for US and our families.

Thank you again for your support, we won't forget you.

Fiona and Sheila


Edinburgh-based GYMINI provides FOUNDATION GYMNASTICS based on a Movement and Learning programme tailored for pre-school and primary children.  We are a sports based programme, not a soft play centre, however we do use soft equipment to teach basic gymnastic skills making it more fun to learn.

GYMINI coaches are qualified British Gymnastic coaches who are involved in a variety of other sports as well as gymnastics.  Our involvement in pre-school gym comes not only from our own sporting backgrounds but the fact that we are parents and involved with children and can recognise our programme as an introduction to SPORT.


Experts say that playing is the best way for your child to explore and learn about life. Before the age of five, playing is the primary way children learn about themselves and the world around them.  Satisfying play experiences develop a child's motor and social skills, while building feelings of confidence and self-esteem.

Our Pre-School Movement and Learning programme is based on activity and fun.  Taking part in this Foundation programme will help to prepare a physically co-ordinated and mentally assured child for the challenges of growing up.

Our Classes are split into four age groups:

GYMINI 1 : 1 to 3 years - work along with adult/carer.

GYMINI 2 : 3 to 5 years - a continuation of the development programme working independent of adult/carer.

GYMINI 3 : P1 and P2 - a progression from GYMINI 2 through gymnastics with a small 'g' learning basic body management skills with FUN and ENJOYMENT.

GYMINI 4 : From P3 - Junior Gymnastics, a continuation of our GYMINI programme encouraging children to work with less equipment and build on their basic 'gymnastics' skills, while developing strength, flexibility, co-ordination and confidence.

One of our students on the balance beamWe operate public, nursery and curriculum classes at various venues.

Our GYMINIs experience general, rhythmic, and sport acrobatic gymnastics.

For 4-5 years who wish to tumble without use of equipment we have Gymini Judo.

For GYMINIs who are unsure which sport to follow, our coaches will be happy to give advice.

For further information, or if you are interested in booking a FREE introductory session or a block of classes, please contact us via phone or email as per the details below.

Fiona Bryce : 0131 334 3657
Sheila Syrett : 0131 447 7859
Email : info@gymini.co.uk